7 Things to Do After Home Renovation

7 Things to Do After Home Renovation

7 Things to Do After Home Renovation

Many many CONGRATULATIONS! You have finally completed your home renovation and turned it into the place of your dreams, right? Completing a home renovation requires careful planning, substantial funds, effort, and time, but the results are worth every single thing you have spent.

Now that your home is all set and ready for living, here are a few essential things you must consider post-renovation. In this blog, we have listed and explained seven things to do after home renovation or you can say when the renovation work is completed. Without wasting another second, let’s get started.

Inspect the Completed Work:


After you are done with your dream home renovation by Vision Custom Homes Ca or or by any other company, the first and foremost step in things to do after home renovation is to conduct a thorough inspection of the work done. This is crucial to ensure that everything has been completed according to your specifications and standards.

Start by walking through each renovated area with your contractor, discussing any issues or discrepancies you might notice. Check the quality of the materials used and ensure all fixtures and installations are secure and functional. This proactive approach not only guarantees that your living space is exactly as you envisioned but also prevents future complications by addressing any overlooked details or imperfections early on.


Key Points to Consider:


1. Schedule a detailed walkthrough with your contractor to go over each element of the renovation.
2. Assess the materials used and the craftsmanship to ensure they meet your expectations and the agreed-upon standards.
3. Test all mechanical and electronic installations, like appliances, heating systems, and lighting fixtures, to confirm everything operates smoothly.
4. Provide immediate feedback on any discrepancies or issues so they can be rectified promptly.
5. Review all relevant documents such as warranties, manuals, and maintenance guides for new installations.


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Deep Clean the Entire House:


Renovation projects or home renovation work, no matter how big or small, can leave behind a significant amount of dust and debris. Once the major construction work is completed, it’s essential to undertake a home deep cleaning of the entire space to restore its comfort and cleanliness. Post renovation cleaning means going beyond the usual vacuuming and mopping to include cleaning walls, ceilings, and hard-to-reach nooks.

Don’t overlook the vents and air filters, which can accumulate a lot of dust that might circulate back into your home. Hiring professional home deep cleaning professionals can be a worthwhile investment for this task, as they are equipped with the tools and expertise to ensure a thorough cleanup. Post renovation cleaning not only enhances the beauty of your newly renovated space but also ensures it’s healthy and safe for everyone to enjoy. This is the second important element of things to do after home renovation.


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Update Your Home Insurance:


Renovating your home can significantly affect its value and structural integrity, making it imperative to update your home insurance to reflect these changes. In Canada, failing to inform your insurance provider about renovations can lead to inadequate coverage or issues with future claims. Therefore, having home renovation insurance or home maintenance insurance is important.

After the renovation, reassess your property’s value and consult with your insurance agent to adjust your policy accordingly. This might include increasing coverage limits or adding protection against new risks introduced by the renovation, such as additional plumbing or electrical systems. Updating your home renovation insurance ensures that your newly improved property is fully protected under the right terms, safeguarding your investment against unforeseen events.

Key Points to Consider:


1. Post-renovation, have your home re-evaluated to determine its new market value.
2. Speak with your insurance agent to discuss necessary updates or enhancements to your policy.
3. Consider increasing your coverage limits to match the new value and features of your home.
4. Ensure that new additions like basements, pools, or extended living spaces are covered.
5. Keep detailed records of the renovation work and expenses to provide to your insurance company.


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Install New Security Systems:


With the completion of your home renovation, it’s an opportune time to evaluate and possibly upgrade your home security system. In 2024, advanced home security system canada technologies offer enhanced protection features that are worth considering. In Canada, brands like Ring and Arlo are at the forefront, offering comprehensive systems that include smart cameras, motion sensors, and integrated mobile apps for real-time monitoring and alerts.

For a more robust setup, consider systems like ADT or Vivint, which provide professional monitoring services, smart home integration, and emergency dispatch. Installing new security technology not only protects your investment but also brings peace of mind, knowing your home is safe and monitored.

Key Points to Consider:


1. Consider top-rated systems such as Ring, Arlo, ADT, or Vivint based on their features and customer reviews.
2. Choose systems that can integrate seamlessly with existing smart home devices for enhanced functionality.
3. Opt for services that offer 24/7 professional monitoring for added security and emergency response.
4. Look for customizable options like outdoor cameras, window sensors, and smart locks that fit your specific security needs.
5. Ensure the system comes with an easy-to-use interface, preferably with a mobile app for remote monitoring.



Create a Maintenance Checklist for New Additions:


After investing in new additions to your home, creating a maintenance checklist is essential to preserve their condition and functionality over time. This home maintenance checklist checklist should be comprehensive, covering all new installations and features. Start by documenting each addition along with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

For example, if you’ve added new hardwood flooring, include regular cleaning and refinishing intervals. For HVAC systems, note the frequency of filter changes and servicing to ensure efficiency and longevity.

This proactive approach not only helps in maintaining the aesthetic appeal and operational efficiency of these additions but also in avoiding costly repairs due to neglect. Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring that the enhancements you’ve made continue to provide value and comfort in your home. You can either get home maintenance service done by professionals or do it on your own. But it is recommended to get your home maintenance service from industry experts for best results.



Celebrate with a Housewarming:


Hosting a housewarming party is a fantastic way to celebrate the completion of your home renovation and share the new space with friends and family. To make your housewarming memorable, consider a theme that matches the style of your newly renovated home whether it’s modern chic, rustic charm, or classic elegance.

Create a welcoming atmosphere with ambient lighting, floral arrangements, and a playlist that sets the right mood. Offer a mix of finger foods, a signature cocktail, and perhaps a DIY bar where guests can mix their own drinks. Interactive games or a home tour can serve as great icebreakers and get everyone mingling. These housewarming party ideas can really help you to host a bang party.

Also, don’t forget to set up a small gift station where guests can leave their housewarming gifts, which can also serve as a talking point. A housewarming party not only brings loved ones together but also creates lasting memories in your newly updated home.





Completing your home renovation work is undoubtedly a milestone worth celebrating. However, the journey to truly enjoying your revamped space involves a few more crucial steps. As we’ve explored in this blog, there are several important things to do after home renovation to ensure that your home is safe, efficient, and as beautiful as planned. From conducting a thorough inspection of the work to updating your home insurance and installing new security systems, each step plays a pivotal role in optimizing your renovation efforts. 

Additionally, creating a comprehensive home maintenance checklist will help you keep your new additions in top shape for years to come. Whether you’re throwing a memorable housewarming party or simply settling back into your daily routine, remember that post-renovation tasks are vital to the longevity and enjoyment of your newly updated home. By following these guidelines, you ensure that every detail is accounted for, allowing you to relax and appreciate the fruits of your labor in your beautifully transformed residence.

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FAQs About Things to Do After Home Renovation


How long should I wait before cleaning post-renovation?

It’s advisable to start cleaning immediately after the construction dust has settled, usually within a day or two post-renovation. However, for certain finishes like paint or sealant, check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure they are fully cured before cleaning.


How do I know if my renovations require additional insurance coverage?

If your renovations increase the value of your home or involve structural changes, you likely need additional insurance coverage. Contact your insurance provider to discuss the specifics of your renovations and assess if there’s a need to adjust your policy to cover the new value and features of your home.


Are there specific security upgrades recommended after a major renovation?

Yes, after a major renovation, especially if you’ve added new entry points or valuable technology, upgrading your security system is recommended. Consider installing smart locks, security cameras, and a modern alarm system that can be monitored remotely for enhanced security.